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About us About us. We started commercial vehicle repair services in 2006. After a year, we noticed that an integral part of our repairs are also roadside assistance services, which we have started since 2007.
Over the past 10 years, we have made sure that the most important service is OPERATIVITY.
Our priority is to provide fast service to keep the customer's mobility. For this purpose, a mechanic is available 24 hours a day, which, thanks to technical assistance, equipped with special tools, can go anywhere in Lithuania or even in Poland. In the event of a more complicated fault, we will offer you a transport service and your damaged vehicle will be transported to the Goldas service, where we always leave one free post for unplanned repairs. In the event of an accident - driving down the road, etc. - we offer assistance in such cases - reloading our crane, loader or manual, and, of course, pulling and transporting to the service. In the case of a damaged vehicle in a road accident, we will agree on a cost estimate with an insurance company or a customer at the request of the customer and quickly and qualitatively restore the vehicle's condition. About us.
We can confidently say that the repair and assistance services we provide "from ... to the keys"
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