It only takes a few minutes to complete your payment. Concepts:

Payment for online services 24 hours a day.

The terms;

ContractorGoldas UAB

Client – a person who orders services.

PaySera – is an international payment platform that allows you to pay online. Paysera allows you to open a current account and execute payment transactions-receive and send money, convert currency, pay for goods. PaySera also enables online fundraising and e-commerce solutions. Paysera is established and managed by EVP International, the first electronic money institution in Lithuania. In Lithuania, Paysera was known as “Payments.lt” until 2015 and later changed its name completely.

Service – roadside assistance or car repair in workshop.

Service – the concept of service includes arriving at the customer. The start of the service is discussed before making a payment. Contractor’s representative in the SMS or by e-mail gives the date from the receipt of payment will start the service.

Prepayment – is the amount of money discussed between the Customer and the Contractor which, due to the Customer’s fault, is non-refundable.

Partial payment – is an urgent payment the customer can make in case the service (technical support or repair) has already been done, but the customer cannot pay the whole amount at once and wants to make payments in installments.

Final payment – payment for services (roadside assistance or repairs) when the final amount of the service

Customer Notification – upon receipt of a prepayment, the Contractor’s representative shall notify the Customer by SMS, e-mail or call that the payment has been received and indicate when the service will be launched

By making a payment, the customer agrees:

  • You will receive a VAT invoice on the next business day via the payment email
  •  If he makes an advance payment and if the service discussed is not due to the Customer’s fault, the money provided will not be refunded.
  • Goldas UAB shall not be liable if the Client’s money transferred to the Goldas UAB account for any reason does not reach the beneficiary’s account. Such a dispute is resolved on the business day when the third party – PaySera will investigate the situation.
  • Familiar with the concepts and terms listed above
  •   When you receive a message from our employee number +37064022220 or email sos24@sos24.lt, which will say: payment basis – transportation, withdrawal, repair or other service click on PaySera logo below and follow the steps to make payment: click on pay icon