The terms;
Contractor – UAB “Goldas”
Customer – a legal or natural person ordering services.
PaySera – (until 2013 – Webtopay) – international universal payment platform, enabling payment via the internet, cash or by mobile devices. “Paysera” enables individuals and entities to open and process payment transactions – receiving and sending money, converting currencies, providing solutions for electronic commerce. Paysera was created and managed by “EVP international” – the first electronic money institution in Lithuania. By 2015, Paysera was known in Lithuania as “Mokejimai.lt” and later changed its name completely.
Service – the concept of service includes arriving at the customer. The start of the service is discussed before making a payment. Contractor’s representative in the SMS or by e-mail gives the date from the receipt of payment will start the service.
Prepayment – this is the amount of money agreed between the Client and the Contractor, which, in the event of failure to perform the service due to the Customer’s fault, will not be refunded. For example: The customer will order a “start-up” service, the agreed price of the service is 40 Eur, the Contractor requests payment of the deposit, the customer pays a deposit of 20 Eur. After receiving a deposit, the contractor sends a technical vehicle for the service, which is considered as the commencement of the service, then the customer declares that he does not need the service because he has been able to start the vehicle, in which case the payment will not be returned to the customer.
Installment – This is a payment that a customer can make when the service has already been made, and the customer can not pay the entire amount immediately and wants to pay in installments.
Final payment – this is payment for services when the final value of the services performed is known. In case of such a payment, it is not refundable because the service has already been performed.
Customer notification – After receipt of the payment, the Contractor’s representative in the SMS message, by e-mail or by telephone informs that the payment has been received and the date of commencement of the service.


1. The customer will receive a VAT invoice on the next business day after the payment.
2. In the case of payment of the deposit and non-performance of the agreed service due to the Client’s fault, the amount paid shall not be refunded.
3. UAB “Goldas” shall not be liable if the amount paid by the Customer for any reason does not reach the payee’s account. Such a dispute will be settled on a business day after the third party’s investigation – paySer.
4. The SMS message with the payment information is the basis for the payment of the deposit, installment or final payment.
5. The Client has read the terms, conditions and terms mentioned above.
6. After receiving the SMS from our staff numbers (+ 370-656-68447, + 370-656-68446) with the payment grounds, transport, pull out, repair or other service, click on the PaySer logo below and perform steps to make payments: