Roadside Assistance Photo Gallery. The photos show how UAB “Goldas” technical support staff performs technical support services, how we unload cargo, open and pull the vehicle on the road.

The biggest wicked thing is to take a job you don’t know. – Napoleon Bonaparte.

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We are convinced that success accompanies those for whom the customer is most important. This is what we are guided by – every customer is important to us, his needs and wishes. We boldly accept new challenges, constantly learn, improve and apply the latest technologies. We do it just for you! It is important for us to provide the highest quality of work at the best price, and to prove that it is worth coming back to us!

Photo gallery

Roadside Assistance is our specialization. It is often the case that technical problems with the car or various unexpected failures during the trip can significantly adjust your travel plans. In the event of an accident or machine failure, not only is there enough stress, but it is also necessary to resolve the current situation urgently.

Your worries are our solutions. Trust us!

Roadside Assistance Photo Gallery