Car and truck repair service

Car & Truck repair service in Lithuania in our garage


Electrical system repair works

  • Headlight adjustment
  • Computer diagnostic
  • Electrical installation repair, replacement
  • EBS modulator electrical part repair
  • And other electrical system repair works


Car&Truck repair service

Car&Truck repair service

Permanent repair for Car and Truck

  • Fuel system repair
  • Independent heater repair
  • AdBlue system diagnostics and repair
  • Brake check, adjustment and repair

Overhaul repair for Car and Truck

  • Engine repair
  • Gear box repair
  • Reducer repair
  • Brake caliper  repair



Body Repair

  • Painting
  • Blasting
  • Preparation for painting
  • Anti-corrosive body coating
  • Repair body-frame cracks

Repair after crash

  • Truck, bus, trailer,car repair after crash 
  • Compilation of Insurance Events, Repair Estimates by Audatex Program
  • Wheel geometry restoration
  • Collision axis alignment




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