Roadside assistance

Truck, Trailer, Bus, Repair on the road, Repair on the spot, Towing to garage , Opening, Extraction on the road. Rescue services. Crane rental. Cargo reloading. Event location protection. Goldas or our partners in roadside assistance services in Marijampolė, Poland, throughout Lithuania and in Europe
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Repair on the spot

  • Wheel change
  • Computer diagnostics on the road
  • Troubleshooting and repair on the spot
  • Frozen pneumatic system repair
  • Car door unlocking



Repair on the spot. Roadside assistance

Towing to garage. Roadside assistance


  • Truck towing and transportation
  • Bus towing and transportation
  • Towing  of a semi-trailer or trailer
  • Towing and transportation of trucks
  • Minibus towing  and transportation
  • Towing to the garage

Pull off on the road

  • Bus pull off on the road
  • Truck pull off on the road
  • Semi trailer pull off on the road
  • Car pull off on the road


Rescue services

Rescue services

  • Breakdown & recovery
  • Cargo reloading
  • The place of the accident security.
  •  Accident recovery
  • Heavy recovery winching

Lifting machinery rental

  • Crane rental
  • Truck rental
  • Semi-trailer rental
  • Bobcat truck for rent
  • Manipulator rental
  • Forklift truck rental

Rental car

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