Roadside assistance !

Roadside assistance for Car, Truck, Trailer, Bus. Repair on the spot. Towing garage. Opening, Extraction on the road. Rescue services. Crane rental. Cargo reloading. Event location protection. UAB Goldas or our partners in roadside assistance services in Marijampolė, Poland, throughout Lithuania and in Europe.

Roadside assistance in will arrive to you in the shortest time. UAB Goldas is a high-qualified, quick-response and professional team that will take care of the safety of your vehicle in Lithuania. Our purpose is to help you to reach your destination without problems. We assess needs of each customer responsibly and always find optimal solution.

Roadside assistance is our specialization. It often happens that technical problems in the vehicle or various unexpected breakdowns during a trip can significantly alter your travel plans. In case of an accident or a machine breakdown, people not only suffer from stress, but also need to resolve the situation urgently.

The greatest wickedness is to take on a job you can’t make. – Napoleon Bonaparte.

Our services Roadside assistance

Repair on the spot. Towing. Rescue services. Towing. Crane rental

Repair on the spot

  • Wheel change
  • Computer diagnostics on the spot
  • Troubleshooting and repair on the spot
  • Frozen pneumatic system repair
  • Car door unlocking


  • Truck 
  • Bus 
  • Semi-trailer or trailer
  • Minibus 
Automobilių, Sunkvežimių, Vilkikų, Autobusų,  Remontas kelyje, Transportavimas, Atvertimas, Ištraukimas iš griovio, Techninė pagalba kelyje.
Repair on the spot. Towing. Rescue services. Towing. Crane rental

Pull off on the road

  • Bus pull off on the road
  • Truck pull off on the road
  • Semi trailer pull off on the road
  • Car pull off on the road

Your concerns are our solutions. Trust us!

Air bags

  • Low pressure
  • Fast recovery.
  • Minimal damage.
  • No need to unload cargo.


Repair on the spot. Towing. Rescue services. Towing. Crane rental

Rescue services

  • Breakdown & recovery
  • Cargo reloading
  • The place of the accident security.
  •  Accident recovery
  • Heavy recovery winching

Lifting machinery rental

  • Crane rental
  • Truck rental
  • Semi-trailer rental
  • Bobcat truck for rent
  • Manipulator rental
  • Forklift truck rental
Repair on the spot. Towing. Rescue services. Towing. Crane rental

We are sure that success follows those for whom the customer is the most important. That is what we follow – every customer, his needs and wishes are important to us. We are confident in taking on new challenges, constantly learning, improving and applying advanced technologies. We do it only for you! It is important for us to provide the highest quality of work at the best price and to prove that we worth your trust!

About us. We started commercial vehicle repair services in 2006. After a year, we noticed that an integral part of our repairs are also roadside assistance services, which we have started since 2007.
Over the past 10 years, we have made sure that the most important service is OPERATIVITY.
Our priority is to provide fast service to keep the customer’s mobility. For this purpose, a mechanic is available 24 hours a day, which, thanks to technical assistance, equipped with special tools, can go anywhere in Lithuania or even in Poland. In the event of a more complicated fault, we will offer you a transport service and your damaged vehicle will be transported to the Goldas service, where we always leave one free post for unplanned repairs. In the event of an accident – driving down the road, etc. – we offer assistance in such cases – reloading our crane, loader or manual, and, of course, pulling and transporting to the service.

Contact if you need help? 

Need help? Call +370 640 22220

Need help? Call +370 640 22220