Air bags

Air bags are intended for opening and lifting of trucks, semi-trailer refrigerators. No cargo unloading required. An airbag is used when the usual methods of opening and lifting no longer help. For example, buses, trucks, semi-trailers or trailers are lying on their sides and can only be rescued by using air-filled lifting bags.

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The low pressure that the cushion exerts on the truck and load minimizes damage during recovery. Another advantage of airbag recovery is the short time. In most salvage operations, trucks can be parked upright without unloading the cargo using airbags

The pads create a large surface area that is distributed over the entire lateral surface. Low pressure but high force on the sidewalls and load of the truck or bus straightens the vehicle again without breaking the chassis.

To prevent the truck from overturning, additional cushions (catch bags) are used. These pads can be used to support the truck at the tipping point. This reduces the rollover speed of the truck.

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